Onyi Logo 
Logo assets and design for Onyi, a West African performing artist. The peacock feather symbol represents the divine and was is inspired by Oshun, the Yoruba Sun Goddess. ​​​​​​​

Final logo design

Poster design
Life Threads
Logo branding and guidelines for Life Threads. The logo is made up of geometric shapes depicting the rising sun, a symbol for sustainability. The color palette uses colors that express royalty, creativity, optimism, and energy. ​​​​​​​

Apparel design for ad campaign 

Logo on hoodie and retail clothing tag
Clear Skin Solutions
Logo design and assets for Clear Skin Solutions, a company that provides skin care and spa services. Logo and color palette were based on client's desire for a clean and simple aesthetic, while communicating honesty and transformation as the brand personality.

Flier, business card, and window decal  
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